Google Maps Navigation for non root users


See this post for new hack because old hack doesn't work anymore =>

Howto Enable Navigation outside US if you don't have a rooted phone?

Until now, just root users have been able to use Google Maps Navigation outside US but thx to TAPP (The Anonymous Perfect Patcher) non root users can install a special version of Maps and use Navigation...

See this thread on XDA for more details.

You can get the patched apk from this link, or see XDA Thread for updated mirrors, thx to brut.all to apply the patches from TAPP and putting the final APK's into space ;-)

Of course, the downside of this method for non rooted users is, that they have now 2 identical Maps application and just one of them will work.

For easy starting of navigation, take a look at this post.

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Google just launched

Google just launched Navigation for 1.6, though I cannot recommend hacking it, even though hacking it would bring a world of joy for many enthusiastic Android users around the world. See this link:

Download limit reached

unfortunately you have reached the download limit :(

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Yap, I changed the Link to

Yap, I changed the Link to the actual XDA post with (at the moment) working mirror.
As Google maps is not opensource or free to distribute, this files are not legal.
Best is, if you take the patches from TAPP and patch it yourself.

this wont work on my cliq..

this wont work on my cliq.. it wont install for android 1.5.. PLZ FIX!!!

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I'm sorry but I can't fix

I'm sorry but I can't fix this.
The maps.apk is taken from a Motorola Droid (wich has Android 2,0) and patched that it works on 1.6 with Navigation.
Maybe you take a look at this thread on XDA and ask them if they know how to get it working on 1.5

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