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SpeakerProximity v.0.3.1 beta in the market

SpeakerProximity market linkI just published SpeakerProximity version 0.3.1 beta to the Market as a donate version.
SpeakerProximity This is an OpenSource app, the code and an APK is available on the Project page

Google opens Market for some more countries and allows merchant accounts for Developers

I got a mail from Mountain View today morning at 00:49 telling me about the new opened paid markets and to my surprise they allow merchant accounts for 20 more countries now.

Frozen Egg highscore update

Frozen Egg - Market link
Frozen Egg - Splashscreen
I updated the Frozen Egg app and added a local highscore.
At the moment, it just displays the scores and the place but I want to add the ability of a nickname that can be entered for each score to have competitions on one phone.
Next step then would be a online highscore where you can compete with all users.
Frozen Egg - Highscore 1Frozen Egg - Highscore 2
Another idea I had was a 2player mode over internet but this would need more time for developing and I haven't started, just had my toughs about how.

Android Splashscreen

Howto implement a splashscreen in android

Frozen Egg
Frozen Egg - Market link
While working on the easter theme for Frozen Bubble (Frozen Egg => market://search?q=pname:ch.racic.frozenegg) I searched for a way to show a splashscreen while the app was loading.

The first implementation of a splash screen was to start a small activity that shows a splash image for a certain time period and the starts the main activity but this still shows the black screen while loading the main activity.
I remembered that toast messages can be customized and can contain images, thats my second implementation that I want to show to you.
Feel free to comment if you have better ways or ideas how to implement a splashscreen better.

Code listings after the break...

Frozen Egg

Frozen Egg
Frozen Egg - Market link
I made an easter theme for Pawel Aleksander Fedorynski's port of Frozen Bubble and published it to the market as Frozen Egg (market://search?q=pname:ch.racic.frozenegg).
All credits belong to him as I just edited the graphics file.

Rooting a nook

I got my nook last Friday and now I had some time to root it ;-)
Thanx to the people at there was not much to do.
They have a very good howto in their wiki at that I used.

I hope I can return something to the community with a cool app for the nook but I need an idea...
Please comment to this post if you have an app idea that could be useful for the nook.

Download mirrors

I mirrored the two update files on because it took me a long time to download from the original mirrors:
signed_bravo_update.1.0.0.dat =>
bravo_update.dat =>

brut.all navigation hack update to 3.4.0

brut.all patched the new 3.4.0 version of maps from the eclair builds.
Of course, this works just on eclair builds or builds that have the MT framework stuff inside like Cyanogenmod.

Get the files and a small instruction from =>

Android market switch

 !! UPDATE !!
 Ich und Andrea haben eine neue version von MarketEnabler entwickelt,
 mit der man nun eine Liste von Providern hat aus der man auswählen kann.
 Erhältlich auf der Projektseite oder hier

So bekommt man Zugriff auf den US oder den DE paid market

Das reverse engineering wurde von Tim und Andrea gemacht,

Andrea hat auch die Market enabler app geschrieben die den US market freischaltet.

 zu finden unter

MarketEnabler update => version 3.0.3 beta

Just a short notice:

I fixed issue #11 and uploaded a new version.

This app needs root and the old MarketEnabler version has to be uninstalled before attempting to install v.3.0.3

You can Download the new version at

Navigation Hack has been updated

Brut.all fixed an issue that certain people discovered and this should help the people that had force closes while starting the navigation.

 For root users:
 For normal users:

If you need the commands how to install the root version see my previous blog post.


This is a Project stub that will be filled with information as the Project idea grows and work on this project starts.

A friend asked me if I could make him a picture frame but not a common one... he wants a big one with a big LCD > 17" and less energy consumption (not just a laptop conversion).


I talked with someone from TI at the LinuxTag about it and he did think that the beagle board could be a possibility for doing this.

New Maps Navigation hack

For all the people that don't live in the US but want Navigation on their Android device...

Brut.all did it again ;-) and he has my respect for this, if you want to buy him a beer like I did just click here

As you may have discovered, Google has changed the way to get Navigation data on the server side, this means that the prior hack with the Navigation Flag isn't working anymore because they implemented now server side security (instead of just security by obscurity on the client side).

The new hack doesn't work the same way, instead it is the original proxy idea but done inside the app so no need for a special proxy.

How do you install the new Maps?

Thats very easy, just download the version you want to install

 For root users:
 For normal users:

Normal users will have two maps applications like with the old hack.

NavStarter - Starting Google Navigation the easy way

I just created a little app that can be used for the Google Navigation Hack (see this post) to navigate to an address without first creating a shortcut.
You can download it here

+ Ability to delete history entries

Google Maps Navigation

Howto Enable Navigation outside US?

!!! UPDATE !!!

See this post for new hack because old hack doesn't work anymore =>

Thx to brut.all (and the others in this thread) from XDA, there is a possibility that you can get Navigation outside of US.
Please see this thread on XDA for more information and the modified Maps.apk.

Here is a short command summary that shows what I had to do to get it working:
$mkdir backup
$adb remount

Google Maps Navigation for non root users


See this post for new hack because old hack doesn't work anymore =>

Howto Enable Navigation outside US if you don't have a rooted phone?

Until now, just root users have been able to use Google Maps Navigation outside US but thx to TAPP (The Anonymous Perfect Patcher) non root users can install a special version of Maps and use Navigation...

See this thread on XDA for more details.

Advertisings with AdMob

I included AdMob ads in the latest 2 releases of MarketEnabler and it's running now since 27.11.09 so I can't say that much about Advertising with AdMob.
If you don't now what MarketEnabler is, see
Until now, I'm not very pleased with the ads from AdMob for various reasons:

    The revenues are not very clear, I don't know exactly how they come together (I think this is on most ad providers)

Android Backup

[ENG] Backup

  1. Start Android with Camra button pressed
  2. After "Serial 0" is visible, connect USB cable and press back
  3. Enter "fastboot boot recovery.img" on the host console
    1. Recovery Image can be downloaded at CyanogenMod website.
  4. In recover mode, press <alt>+B to start the nandroid backup
  5. After "Backup complete!" is visible, press <Home>+<Back> to reboot

The Backups will be written to the sdcard to the nandroid folder and can be moved to you pc.

[DE] Backup

  1. Starte Android mit der Kamera-taste gedrückt

Android App ideas


GUI für den Zugriff auf inklusive Kontakte hinzufügen.


Bei Sunrise kann man den rest-traffic mit einem Anruf auf *133*# abfragen und bekommt eine SMS mit dem in diesem Monat noch verbleibenden Traffic.

Die Applikation soll in konfigurierten Intervallen den Status Abfragen und nach erreichen einer definierten Limite entweder eine Meldung Ausgeben oder den ganzen 3G Traffic unterbinden, bis wieder Volumen vorhanden ist.

LinuxTag 2009

Aktuellste Version: 0.9.0 (Linuxtag 2009 update)

Sorry aber mein keystore ist korrupted worden und ich kann die alte app nicht updaten, darum die neue Version im Market.

V.0.9.0 hat eine rudimentäre update Funktion bekommen die einfach die ganze shedule DB neu initialisiert mit daten aus dem Internet (mein AppEngine server).


0.8.2: nur Datenänderung, neustes XML aus dem feed.
+ fixed Issue 1: Sax parser hat den char Buffer gesprengt.


Ich hab mir ein neues Spielzeug zugelegt... das Android Dev Phone 1™

Die Aktivierung des User accounts beim Android Market hatte 1 Tag gedauert :-/ ich konnte es jedoch heute morgen endlich Bestellen (auf der Brightstart Tracking Seite ist das Bestelldatum jedoch noch der 23.02.09, also gestern ;-), der Status aber leider noch "Pending Shippment").

Die Kosten (für eine Bestellung in die Schweiz) sind insgesamt $519.27 (CHF 603.65 + 2% Kreditkartengebühren => ~CHF 615.-, günstigste T-Mobile variante ist 629.-).

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