This is a Project stub that will be filled with information as the Project idea grows and work on this project starts.

A friend asked me if I could make him a picture frame but not a common one... he wants a big one with a big LCD > 17" and less energy consumption (not just a laptop conversion).


I talked with someone from TI at the LinuxTag about it and he did think that the beagle board could be a possibility for doing this.

My idea is to use the beagle board and a standard LCD with added touchscreen layer for navigation and interaction as hardware and run a customized Android on it, on top of it would be a slide show app that displays the images with some fancy transisions and multitouch zooming capabilities. Additional there could be some kind of coffee desk app that throws all the images on it and they can be sorted, zoomed, tagged etc. like the multitouch table demos from Microsoft or other companys.

Why android

Main reason for this is, that there are a lot of cool applications out in the space that could be refitted to work with such a huge display and adding functionality for this setup would be very easy even for developers without embedded knowledge.


Not yet started with coding or designing, still at the research stage for which hardware would be the best for this project.


Software and own hardware design (including PCB's, shematics, ...) will be OpenSource and under the GPL license. The code will be published as soon I have written it and interested developers are invited if they want to join the project, just write something into the comments ;-).

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